Wet Chemical Systems


Wet chemical systems are designed for protecting kitchen hood, plenum, exhaust duct, grease filters, and cooking appliances from grease fires. The versatile state-of-the-art wet chemical distribution technique, combined with dual, independent activation capability - automatic fusible link or manual release - provides efficient, reliable protection the moment a fire is detected.

Once initiated, the pressurized wet chemical extinguishing agent cylinder discharges a potassium carbonate solution through a pre-engineered piping network and out the discharge nozzles. The discharge is maintained for a duration of time to ensure suppression and inhibit reigniting. Expanded capability provides remote manual actuation, gas equipment shut down, and electrical system shut down.

Uses of Wet Chemical Systems

The most common use for a wet chemical system would be in the kitchen. Fires in cooking areas can cause thousands of dollars in damage and cease operations for days or weeks or longer. A properly designed and installed system can stop the threat of fire and keep your business thriving for years to come.

Our Offering

Approved Fire Protection Services, recharges and sells Ansul, Kidde and Amerex brand Wet Chemical Kitchen Systems.

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