Company History

In 1930, Roswell E. Bolen began Approved Fire Protection as a part time business refilling fire extinguishers for local fire departments and small businesses. The business operated in the basement of the family home located on Westervelt Avenue, North Plainfield, NJ.

After World War II, the Bolen family and Approved Fire Protection moved to Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield, NJ. At this location, Roswell Bolen began on-site fire extinguisher service.

Early 1950’s, Roswell Bolen built a new home for Approved Fire Protection. The building, approximately 2500 square foot, was located on Route 29 (now Route 22) North Plainfield, NJ. This location soon became New Jersey’s largest fire and safety sales and service facility.

In 1982, Roswell Bolen’s grandson, Bob Niper and 2 partners, acquired control of Approved Fire Protection Company, and launched an allied company, Approved Fire Protection Systems Inc. to sell, install and service all types of fire alarm and suppression systems.

Today both companies occupy over 12,000 square foot of industrial space in South Plainfield, NJ, operate 19 service vehicles and employ 50 people. Currently, Bob Niper’s two daughters oversee the company operations.